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Dear Visitor,
I am Jack McCardel, the creator of this web site—The World of James Bond 007. I have been a James Bond fan for many years and have immensely enjoyed making this web site. You are welcome to view the web site and use any information or graphic material if you wish to, as long as you mention me.
James Bond covers a wide array of topics and genres including literature, music and speaking versions. The World of James Bond 007 is a combination of an introduction and overview of the character and franchise, the appearances of Bond's allies, villains and girls and the gadgets and vehicles he has used. As well as the different portrayals of 007 and the official films.
I would really appreciate it if you emailled me any feedback about my web site or James Bond in general here.
Thank you for visiting The World of James Bond 007,
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Jack McCardel.


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